Purkinje Fibers

Purkinje Fibers : Anatomy, Location & Function

Purkinje Fibers: Purkinje fibers are clearly identified on the inner ventricular walls of the heart, just underneath the endocardium in an area named the subendocardium. The Purkinje fibers are functional conducting fibers, that are comprised[...]

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Thalamus : Anatomy, Location & Function

Thalamus: The thalamus is a huge volume of gray matter within the dorsal part of the diencephalon of the brain, separated into two walnut-sized parts. Both of the thalami are found deep in the centre[...]

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Cerebellum : Anatomy, Location & Function

Cerebellum: The cerebellum is a major feature of the hindbrain. The cerebellum performs an important part in motor control. It may additionally be associated while some cognitive functions such as attention and language as sound[...]

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brain stem

Brain Stem : Anatomy, Location & Function

Brain Stem: The brainstem also has known as brain stem is the back part of the brain, joining and structurally continuous with the spinal cord. In the brain, brainstem comprises the midbrain, the pons, and[...]

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pineal gland

Pineal Gland : Anatomy, Location & Function

Pineal Gland: The pineal gland, also known as the epiphysis cerebri, epiphysis or third eye is a small endocrine gland in the brain. The pineal gland produces melatonin, a serotonin-derived hormone that changes sleep patterns[...]

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pituitary gland

Pituitary Gland : Parts, Location & Function

Pituitary Gland: The pituitary gland also known as hypophysis gland, is an endocrine gland approximately the size of a pea and measuring 0.5 grams and the pituitary gland located in a bony hollow, just behind[...]

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Frontal Lobe

Frontal Lobe : Anatomy, Location & Function

Frontal Lobe: The frontal lobe is the largest of the four major lobes of the cerebral cortex in the brain. The frontal lobe, located at the front of the brain, of each cerebral hemisphere in[...]

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Temporal lobe

Temporal Lobe : Anatomy, Location & Function

Temporal Lobe: The brains contain four lobes in the cortex, including the occipital, parietal, temporal, and frontal lobes. The temporal lobe located just beneath the lateral fissure and crisscrossing both fissures of the brain. This[...]

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parietal lobe

Parietal Lobe : Anatomy, Location & Function

Parietal Lobe: The brain is made of the four lobes of the cerebral cortex in the brain. The parietal lobe is the major lobe in the brain. The parietal lobe is located over the temporal[...]

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Occipital Lobe

Occipital Lobe : Anatomy, Location & Function

Occipital Lobe: The occipital lobe is one of the four lobes of the cerebral cortex in the brain. The occipital lobe is positioned at the back portion of the brain and is associated with understanding[...]

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pons anatomy

Pons : Anatomy , Location & Function

Pons: Pons, a portion of the brain lying inferior to the midbrain, above the medulla oblongata and anterior to the cerebellum. The pons is a broad, horseshoe-like shaped mass of transverse nerve fibers that connect[...]

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Corpus Callosum Anatomy

Corpus Callosum : Anatomy, Location & Function

Corpus Callosum: The brain is divided into the right and left hemisphere. Corpus callosum is a thick band of nerve fibers that connects the right and left hemisphere of the brain, allowing for communication between[...]

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