Purkinje Fibers

Purkinje Fibers : Anatomy, Location & Function

Purkinje Fibers: Purkinje fibers are clearly identified on the inner ventricular walls of the heart, just underneath the endocardium in an area named the subendocardium. The Purkinje fibers are functional conducting fibers, that are comprised[...]

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Abdominal Muscles

Abdominal Muscles : Attachment, Nerve Supply & Action

Abdominal Muscles: This muscle forms the anterior and lateral abdominal wall. It consists of the- External Abdominal Obliques Internal Abdominal Obliques Rectus Abdominis Transversus Abdominis These four muscles form a firm wall which protects the[...]

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Superficial Back Muscles

Back Muscles: Attachments, Nerve Supply & Action

Back Muscles: The muscles of the back that work together to support the spine, help keep the body upright and allow twist and bend in many directions. The back muscles can be three types. a. Superficial[...]

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